Nursing services

All our Nurses are experienced in emergency care, wound management, immunisations, ECG's, procedural assistance and provide high quality general nursing services.


Home Health Assessment

This Clinic offers Home Health Assessments for all our patients aged 75 and over.  Annual Health Assessments are an opportunity for your GP to explore areas of health that may not be covered in a routine consultation.  Health Assessments take into account any changes in your medical condition and lifestyle.  Everyone can benefit from these assessments even if you are in excellent health because the focus is on preventative medicine - solving problems before they arise.  



Spirometry is the most commonly used method for assessing lung function.  It is one of the primary tools for the diagnosis, assessment and management of many respiratory diseases including Asthma and COPD.  Our experienced Spirometry Nurse can assist patients with the management of their airways disease.



Chronic Disease Management

A GP management plan can help people with chronic medical conditions by providing an organised approach to care.  With the help of our Practice Nurse this plan

  • identifies your health care needs
  • sets out the services to be provided 
  • lists the actions you can take to help manage your condition



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